QR Codes

QR codes are everywhere now, which makes them an invaluable tool that everyone has access to. Unfortunately, QR codes may not be as safe as you think they are, especially because the URLs are hidden and it’s almost impossible to tell where they will take you if you scan them.

RevealQR makes it easier to find out what’s behind the QR code so you can know if a QR code is safe, before accessing it.

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In spite of their convenience, QR codes presents some modern day security issues:

  • Hidden Dangers

    Most people would think twice before clicking on an unknown link on the internet, but they do not hesitate to whip out their phones to scan a QR code. A scanned QR code could take you to a malicious site without your knowledge.

    The problem lies in how quickly and easily these security issues can be generated, which means it’s easy for someone to unwittingly scan a shady QR code and download malware onto their phone or computer.

  • What's behind that URL?

    While it’s true that some malicious links can be identified by your browser, not all of them are so obvious. Well crafted malicious links may not have a visually abnormal appearance, nor will they appear spammy.

    In other words, you can’t just rely on your eyes or intuition when it comes to spotting potentially malicious links.

    RevealQR provides a simple, yet quantitative way of identifying malicious links from QR codes.


Enjoy the convenience of QR codes, safely.

RevealQR is a modern day free QR code reader. RevealQR can accept existing images of QR codes or allow you to take a photo of a QR code on the spot. It will then decode the URL stored in the QR code before sending the URL to the top malware analysis platform (VirusTotal).

The link will then be analyzed by > 80 different anti virus and anti malware engines in real time. Results of the analysis will be shared with the user instantly, allowing them to make a more informed decision before visiting the link.

Scan with RevealQR and use QR codes with a peace of mind.

This is how it works

RevealQR in 3 easy steps

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Diagram: How it works

What our users are saying

"I can't believe I've been blindly accessing QR codes all this time! - Stella

"Thanks! now i can tell the bad squares from the good ones" - John

"RevealQR not only shows me the link that the QR code is pointing to, but also lets me know if its a malicious link. There's no way I could have figured that out myself by simply looking" - Tim